All the paintings featured on this site are of my own design. The oil and acrylic paintings are available for sale at any time. The paintings done in the aerosol technique are available upon order and any pattern may be chosen.

I also do paintings upon order. In such a case the client determines:

·         painting size (width by height)

·         the materials to be used

·         the painting technique

·         client's own design

I also do wall paintings, realising my own designs or those provided by client. Such paintings are done with quickly drying acrylic paints, which are odorless and safe for the health. On client's request, a painting may be protected with ecologic varnish.

The price of each painting is every time arranged with client. It is influenced by numerus factors, among other the painting's size, the painting technique, the degree of difficulty.

The shipping and handling cost is added to the painting's price.